History of Persian Mashad Rugs

Antique Persian Khorassan and Mashad Rugs

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Mashad Rugs - Khorassan which translates to: "the land of the rising sun”, is the largest of Iran's provinces. Today, the names Khorassan or Mashad, as they pertain to antique rugs, are generally used interchangeable with the latter meaning a finer woven, shorter clipped Khorassan.

Second to Isfahan, Mashad is often described as the most beautiful city in Persia and as a religious shrine. The city of Mashad in Iran, is also considered to be one of the most important cities since the town is rich in agriculture and one of the best wool producing regions in the world of Persian rugs.

mashad rugs by nazmiyal

Antique Persian Khorassan Mashad Rugs

The weave of Khorassan rugs is completely different from other antique rug styles and combined with the use of blue weft, Khorassan rugs and carpets are pretty easy rugs to identify (now that you know what to look for). The breadth of the design is varied ranging from allover to medallion patterns.

Oversized rugs with floral motifs and finely drawn Herati designs were also common. The dyes in the Mashad rug have typically been cochineal and sometimes this can look like a deep magenta. In some instances when the cochineal dye has been used liberally a purplish cast appears over the entire rug. These decorative rugs are highly desirable.

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