How Rugs are Made

hr85 How Rugs are Made

HandMade Rugs & Carpets

Hand-made rugs have a certain built-in value that ranks them above machine-made
42051 tabriz thumbnail How Rugs are Madeproducts. Hand-made labor is more costly and carries with it a certain expectation of care and quality. Hand-made carpets involve an endless series of choices and decisions, minor twists and turns, that collectively give the piece its personality and presence, something that the finest machine made carpet lacks.

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hr85 How Rugs are Made

Machine-Made Rugs & Carpets

Since the advent of western industrialization in the nineteenth century, rugs have machine made 40452 How Rugs are Madebeen manufactured by machine loom processes of various types. Such rugs are generally made from the same materials as hand-made rugs, wool, silk, and cotton, often of high quality. The standards of fabrication may also be high, and consistently so. But machine made rugs are mechanical in their execution, and often in their design as well.

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hr85 How Rugs are Made

Materials Used in Making Rugs & Carpets

The materials that go into a rug are as important as the design and workmanship. They contribute enormously to the overall impression of the rug – its color, texture, tactile feel, and above all its durability. WoolCottonSilkDyes


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hr85 How Rugs are Made

Techniques & Construction of Rugs & Carpets

The processing of the raw materials and the way that rugs are woven have an enormous effect on their quality, durability and value. One needs to appreciate these issues to evaluate their worth. Some knowledge of the weaving technique is also indispensable in identifying carpet types as well as the age of a piece. Such 'structural' considerations are far more instructive than the design in assessing the origin and quality of rugs. ShearingCardingSpinningLoomFoundationWarpDepressed WarpsWefts
The so-called knots that make up a pile carpet are not actually knots from Splendor of Persian Carpets thumbnail How Rugs are Madeknots, but loops, wrapped around pairs of adjacent warps. They may be wrapped in several configurations. In all cases they consist of the knot collar – the portion that literally wrap around the warps – and the ends that actually constitute the pile.
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Designs of Rugs & Carpets

In many ways design is the ultimate quality in which the design from Splendor of Persian Carpets thumb How Rugs are Madeappeal of a rug may reside. In interesting or unusual design, one that makes effective use of line and color, or perhaps one that that is unusually detailed and intricate may have the appeal that attracts the interest and passion of the viewer. 

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