Everything You Want to Know About Antique Rugs – Guide

Everything You Want to Know About Antique Rugs – Guide top hr

A Comprehensive Guide to Antique Rugs and Carpets

Everything You Want to Know About Antique Rugs - After thirty years in the business of selling and buying antique rugs and carpets, Nazmiyal is committed to the principle that the best customer is an informed customer. In keeping with this we have developed an online guide to antique carpets and rugs that strives to put a wealth of information at the disposal of our clients.

Whether you are a designer, a collector, or a private client looking to furnish your home, the guide can supply you with a range of information that will facilitate your quest for the right rug and your ability to judge its quality and value for yourself.

1. History of the Antique Oriental Rug / Carpet

History of the Oriental Rug / Carpet

An overview of the origin and development of rugs and carpets from the earliest times to the present.

2. Articles About Antique Rugs

Articles About Antique Rugs by Nazmiyal

Over the years, we have assembled a large volume of articles about antique Oriental carpets. These articles range in subject matter; some deal expressly with one antique rug style or origin, some deal with the process of purchasing an antique rug, some explain how rugs are made, and others gives useful tips on decorating with antique rugs. Here, we have assembled all of our antique rug articles in one place.

3. How Rugs and Carpets are Made

How Oriental Rugs / Carpets are Made

A guide to techniques of wool processing and weaving basic to rug production and a comparison between hand-made rugs and machine-made rugs.

4. Consumer Guide to Buying Oriental Rugs and Carpets

Criteria for Buying Rugs / Carpets

Consideration of style, quality, age, and everything you should be considering before you purchase your rug.

5. All the Questions You May Have to Buy Antique Rugs and Carpets

All the Questions You May Have

The most frequently asked questions and concerns that rug-buyers have.

6. Rugs & Carpets Grouped by Design and Style

Geographic Rug and Carpet Groups

A survey of the various designs and styles of Oriental rug production.

7. How to Care for and Maintain Your Antique Rugs and Carpets

How to Maintain Your Rugs / Carpets

Useful advice of the care, cleaning, and protection of your rugs.

8. Glossary of Oriental Rugs / Carpets

GlossaryAlphabetized definitions of rug types, techniques, styles, and Terminologies in alphabetical order.