Fall Fashion Trends: Tribal Prints

Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Fashion Trends – Men’s Tribal Prints, Fall 2011

Fall Fashion Trends – We, New Yorkers, are forever imprisoned to a sea of black attire, a world where men, women, and children swim through crowded streets of monochromatic neutral stylings, and a land where time and seasonal shifts mean pops of color until we return to the blacks, whites, and greys of yesteryear. Before the nights become even longer and days shorter, where hibernation becomes key and  a valid major excuse is the only way one leaves a home, pops and drops of color are a must in the tail-end of the fall season. Particularly, with fall fashion’s hottest trend, the Aztec Pattern.

Tribal Prints Fall 2011

Tribal Prints Fall 2011

Tribal prints and South American stylings have been showing up throughout the entire year with subtle hints in the spring, bold colors in the summer, and muted tones for the fall/winter. With these trending looks trickling into wardrobes left and right, nothing screams bold statements like a really great pattern. The Aztec pattern brings a new latin flavor into the mix but adds to the boho chic status of stylish New York scenesters. If you are looking to add a splash of color in that drab wardrobe, get yourself a lovely blend of geometric patterns and a color palette of auburns, tangerines, and deep reds splashed across a grey lambswool cardigan. Tribal prints are here to stay, be sure to catch ‘em while you can! Happy hunting!

Check out some of our favorite looks:

Burberry Prorsum Tribal Print Fall 2011

Burberry Prorsum Tribal Print Fall 2011

Multi-colored Men's Tribal Cardigan

Multi-colored Men’s Tribal Cardigan

Women's Tribal Prints, Fall 2011

Women’s Tribal Prints, Fall 2011

Men's Navajo Sweater, Ralph Lauren

Men’s Navajo Sweater, Ralph Lauren

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  1. Love the variety of tribal prints this season! Jen xoxo

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