Antique Persian Rug Buying Experience

Antique Persian Rug Buying Experience top hr

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Antique Persian Rug Buying - The delivery men have left. You’re standing alone in your apartment, hands on hips, brow furrowed. You look around the empty room (you've piled all of the furniture into the other rooms of the apartment in preparation for this moment). You admire the sheen of the floor at your feet and wonder whether it’s ever been as clean as it is now. Probably it hasn't been. As you ponder on your next move, you notice how nicely the sunlight pours through the large window on the far wall, how nicely it lands on the floor. You nod to yourself, knowing that you've made the right choice, that this is the perfect room for it. But still you cannot help but feel intimidated by the task before you. Slowly and cautiously you approach the item that the delivery men have left behind, carefully rolled up and leaning in the corner by the door. Your new favorite thing in the world. The crown jewel of your collection of beautiful things. Your very own antique rug, your very own Persian rug.

Antique Persian Rugs and Home Decor

Your antique Persian rug can bring any room to life. This beautiful antique Sultanabad ties together this entire room by commenting on and highlighting the furniture.

Of course you’re overjoyed with the purchase. The piece is absolutely gorgeous. You knew the instant that you saw it that you had to have it. But now you have all this pressure – all this responsibility – to do it justice, to place it properly, to arrange the furniture properly around it. After all, you've never owned anything quite like this. Your antique Persian rug is more than 80 years old (how old a piece has to be to be considered an antique rug) and beautifully done with a gorgeous design and brilliant colors. You know that the piece was hand-woven and dyed with natural ingredients, that it is an impeccable masterpiece. And now it is your job to make sure that this beautiful piece of art can be appreciated by all who see it, and you are more than slightly apprehensive about the task before you. But relax – there’s no need to work yourself up over this seemingly daunting task. After all, decorating with antique rugs is a tradition as old as antique rugs themselves, and there is a wealth of information on the subject. For instance, it is an established rule of thumb that if you’re going to place your antique carpet on a nice floor (like the beautiful, gleaming hardwood floor that you just polished to a shine), then it is more than acceptable to leave some space around carpet. You can even use the carpet to define spaces – for instance, you might want to place a sofa on the carpet to create a living room space whose borders are articulated by the rug.

Persian Rugs Under Tables

The repetitive pattern of this antique Persian Rug makes it perfect for placement below a piece of furniture like this lovely dining room set.

Of course, that brings up the question of furniture placement, a potentially sticky wicket. But again, there are established do’s and do not’s. For example, your rug – which has an all-over, repetitive design – is perfect for furniture placement. And if you find that your rug is too beautiful a piece to totally cover with your large sofa, you should know that it is perfectly acceptable to place just the front two legs on the carpet – that way, you get to define your living room space with the carpet and the furniture without having to worry about obscuring the beauty of the piece.

Persian Rug Home Decorating Guide

This antique Persian rug -- with its beautiful, soft palette and large size -- is the focal point of this room despite furniture being set on top of it.

Perhaps the most important thing to know, however, is that this is now your antique Persian carpet. You had the keen eye to pick it out, and it is your apartment that it is now going to enhance, to beautify, to bring to life. While you do want to be aware of the traditions and conventions of placing such a beautiful thing as your stunning antique Persian rug, you shouldn't feel bound to them. It is your personal taste and judgment that led to your purchase of this piece, and it is that same personal taste and judgment that should ultimately dictate the placement of the piece and the subsequent feel it brings to your room. So relax! As the proud owner of an antique Persian rug, your problems are good problems to have! At the end of the day, the beauty of the piece will speak for itself. You’ll be the envy of all who set eyes on it. Just remember to enjoy it and good things will follow!