Antique Heriz Serapi Rugs from Northwest Persia

Antique Heriz Serapi Rugs from Northwest Persia top hr

A Collection of Beautiful Antique Heriz Serapi Rugs from Northwest Persia

Antique Heriz Serapi Rugs from Northwest Persia - Antique Serapi , Heriz & Bakshaish rugs are undoubtedly some of the most coveted decorative styles to emerge from Persia. These spectacular antique carpets feature an ideal combination of physical and aesthetic characteristics that have contributed to their extraordinary popularity and enduring status.

Heriz Serapi Rug by Nazmiyal

All the Heriz Serapi & Bakshaish rugs originated in the Northwestern Persian district of Heriz & were woven largely during the 19th century. These carpets are prized for their expansive size, tribal geometric designs, superior materials and a variety of other desirable traits and attributes. Influenced by carpets produced in nearby Tabriz, weavers in this historic area were artists who developed a refined style and excellent methods for producing rich abrashed colors that acquire a lovely patina and an oxidized aura with age. Copper found in the region's water has long been credited as the secret behind the area's phenomenal colors, nuanced abrash and silky wool.

Antique Bakshaish Rug by Nazmiyal

These classic rugs are famous for featuring magnificent medallion compositions that are filled with well-developed botanical motifs and angular accents. By their nature, these rugs are harmonious, yet they feature a wide variety of balanced elements that create a visual masterpiece. The precise proportions and restrained botanical embellishments produce an unpretentious style that is elegant yet dramatically different from the superfluous arabesques favored in other areas and even the dense repeating patterns found in later Serapi rugs (which are referred to as Heriz Rugs by people in the trade). Grand octofoils decorated with dramatic botanical motifs and serrated pendants are iconic representations of these pieces.

Heriz Serapi by Nazmiyal

However, some of the Heriz Serapi & Bakshaish rugs are occasionally decorated with allover repeating patterns or flamboyant medallions that are set over monochromatic fields. Rich colors attract many designers to the stately antique oriental rugs of Northwest Persia. Although weavers in Northwest Persia and the province of Iranian's Azerbaijan used many of the same dyestuffs as their counterparts in the Caucasus, the results are very different. Acting as a natural mordant, traces of copper produce rich brick reds and blushing rose hues using madder root dyes. With indigo, talented dyers created an impressive array of colors that range from inky midnight blue to clear azure. However, weavers also excel at incorporating creamy un-dyed fleece accents. Explore our collection of antique Serapi rugs to discover the allure of these luxurious and aesthetically rich pieces.