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Antique Rugs Origins  - The truth of the origin is on the backside of the rug. This is why, when examining an antique carpet or vintage rug, most experts, after looking at color and design, will turn the rug over to determine its origin. They look at the structure of the rug, searching for certain things: the warp, the weft, the type of knot.

The weave pattern is often what reveals the identity of the rug. The design and color on the front of the rug, while it draws much more attention, is not as dependable a source for determining the antique rug's origin. There was more interchange between groups of weavers' design styles, than of their structural techniques.

Nearly a century ago, anyone who wanted to find rugs from around the world had to sail the seven seas. A rug collector's fun often lies in the search for the next great piece, but it shouldn't be as hard as hitching a ride on a camel.

Now, the entire world of antique carpets can be experienced in minutes. Adventurous shoppers can browse carpet collections by geographic origins going all the way from Europe to China and everywhere in between. There are endless regional designations, local varietals and cultural variations.

Plus, shoppers can refine their rug origin search by size, style, pattern and color. It has never been easier to find rugs, not just any rug, but the perfect rug for the space.

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