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Heriz Serapi rugs are among the most recognizable rugs of Iran because of their distinctive monumental designs and the expressive power of their angular drawing. They tend to have strong medallion designs accented through the use of color, but allover Heriz Serapi rugs are not uncommon. Heriz, Serapi and Bakshaish Rugs rely on floral patterns with strap-work vines and grand palmettes with zig-zag contouring. Where other Persian Rugs would utilize a curved form, Antique Serapi Heriz rugs will apply series of angular twists and turns, imparting an emphatic geometry to the design. Heriz Serapi Rugs have glorious color, with rich reds, blues, greens, and yellows resonating against ivory. Much of the formal vocabulary, drawing, and color sensibility of Antique Heriz Serapi Rugs is traceable to the classical antique Caucasian rugs of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Since the Heriz region of northern Iran is not far from the Caucasus, it is not surprising that Heriz Serapi carpets have preserved so much of the Classical Caucasian tradition. Some antique Heriz rugs and antique Serapi carpets, however, especially those produced in silk, display a different drawing and design vocabulary linked to other types of Persian carpet. They are identified as Heriz rugs primarily by their weave.

Just west of Tabriz lies the village of Heriz, located in the Iranian part of Azerbaijan. Heriz Serapi carpets are mostly distinguished by their rectilinear designs, a departure from the traditional arabesques and scrolls typical of Persian manufactory. A large central stepped medallion with corners or an allover design of highly stylized floral motifs is quite typical. Repeating patterns are less common. The pile is thick and heavy and the color palette is rich and varied. Older Heriz Serapi rugs had madder grounds and medallions mostly of indigo. The finer antique rugs use the technique “double outlining”, where the design of the rug is separated from the field by two lines in different colors. This design element sets the gold standard for the best Heriz designs.

The style of Heriz rugs and Serapi rugs (both originating from the same region of Iran) is a paradigm for the traditional geometric designs of Northwest Iran. These distinctive rugs are woven with tribal weaves which accentuates the angles and boldness exhibited in the highly stylized floral motifs. Typically these rugs carry a masculine aura to them which makes them perfect options for libraries, studies, and other rooms rich with wooden or earthy accents though they are also popular in living rooms both formal and non.

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