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An Introduction to the World of Antique Rugs:

Antique Rugs 101 - The world of antique carpets has been one often overlooked by the public. A rug is meant to be a furnishing, something placed on the floor, adding a decorative layer while maintaining its purpose.

However, antique Oriental rugs and vintage rugs are more than just an object of utility, they are decorative pieces that are ingrained with history. Entering into the world of antique rugs one is taken back in time, where art and culture interact.

Antique rugs are generally classified as those that are older than one hundred years. Handmade productions using natural dyes, antique rugs are highly sought for their distinctive look and originality. Unlike new rugs, antique rugs of many styles reflect a bygone era.

They feature designs primarily to their culture. Unique designs, from nomad to village to city, their production reflects the cultural and social structure of the period. These elements add to the lure of antique rugs as these pieces compose a historical narrative.

Antique Rugs by Nazmiyal

Antique Rugs 101

Cherished by the Eastern world as pieces of art antique carpets offer a variety of uses. Although they are generally used as wall coverings,flat woven pieces such as tapestry rugs serve as decorative wall hangings.

The production in of itself depicts the imaginative nature of the weavers and the cultural trends at the time. Antique Anatolian rugs exemplify the artistic and imaginative qualities produced in rugs.

A form of earning extra money, women would weave these rugs with designs including marital prospects and symbols particular to the region. The finesse of these rugs is representative of the cultural significance and beauty that exists within the antique rug world.

Antique Rugs at the Nazmiyal gallery

Antique Rugs At The Nazmiyal gallery

The cultural milieu of antique rugs makes the industry a sector where history meets stylistic function. A carpet's age is not indicative that it will be the highest quality and price. The nineteenth century produced some of the most highly sought after pieces in the market.

The marker depends on the quality and the current aesthetic values. However, unlike new rugs, antique rugs do not depreciate in value and have the potential of investment. Often in the Middle East people purchase these rugs for investment purposes meanwhile decorating their homes and businesses with these exquisite pieces. Cherished as pieces of art, antique rugs are now becoming more popular in the West as people see their multiple purposes and are introduced to various art forms.

Composed of a multifaceted clientele, the world of antique rugs has an appeal for every taste. Whether a person is a collector, historian, interior decorator or just a person searching for a decorative piece there is a rug for every taste and need.

The beauty behind these rugs lies to be unfurled. At Nazmiyal each and every one of our antique rugs contains a rich history - one that we seek to share with our clients.

The historical and aesthetic values of antique rugs add to their lure. Market prices reflect the rarity and demand. A rug is a historical and cultural journey. Materials, design and size reveal the distinctions and the quality of each rug. Antique rugs comprise a select field in the art world that is continually expanding. It is both form and function: an antique rug adds a decorative layer to an already complex puzzle.

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