Antique Rugs on Sale - Save on a Select Collection

Antique Rugs on Sale and Antique Carpets for Sale

Today's economic realities have transformed the overall sales of fine antique rugs. Specializing in the finest quality antique carpets and Persian rugs, we are taking the opportunity of the current buyer's market to put on sale a large array of rugs and carpets available to clients at extremely competitive prices. The timeless quality of these antique rugs makes them an investment that should appreciate with age. Home to an expansive collection of antique rugs, Nazmiyal Collection is pleased to announce this exciting opportunity. Some, if not most, of the rugs on sale will be priced less than comparable new rugs. So by buying a rug on sale you will save money but you will also be acquiring a piece that already has value in the marketplace. Search our extensive selection of antique rugs today!

Why buy a new rug with no future marketability when you could get a antique rug on sale that has a resale value?

The rugs that we select and place on sale are constantly changing and selling so visit the rugs on sale section often, but do bear in mind that the selection of rugs on sale today might not be available on sale tomorrow as they sell quickly. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you see a rug or carpet on sale that interests you - we are here to help you in your quest for the right piece! Also, the rugs on sale are categorized based on their respective sizes. The area sized rugs on sale being the smallest through to the large oversized rugs on sale, which will be the largest. The runner rugs on sale are simply put - runners - and once you click on the link you will see that they are organized by their respected lengths - from the shortest to the longest.
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