Rug Rentals from Our Extensive Antique Carpet Collection

Rug Rentals from Our Extensive Antique Carpet Collection top hr

Nazmiyal in NYC offers rug rentals for your short or long term rug rental needs

Rug Rentals - The Nazmiyal Collection's NYC antique rug gallery is located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. Our company boasts the largest collection of antique rugs, vintage rugs and antique tapestries in the United States.

We have been providing world class customer service and rug rentals for over thirty years. The Nazmiyal Collection is, and always has been, the first choice of savvy and erudite rug shoppers and rug renters from all over the world.

Our inventory of rugs is mostly located in NYC. We have one of the largest collections of rugs and carpets anywhere in America. this collection of rugs is the result of decades of finding the very best pieces from sources all over the world.

Oprah on an Aubusson Rug She Rented From Nazmiyal

Oprah on an Aubusson Rug She Rented From Nazmiyal NYC

Nazmiyal is proud to be able to offer short and long term rug rentals of our inventory.

Rug rentals are ideal for:

  1. Set decoration and staging
  2. Photo shoots and magazine publications
  3. Television and broadcast
  4. Special events and occasions
  5. Weddings
  6. Red Carpet Events

We invite prospective rug rental customers to visit our website. Online, they may browse our extensive inventory of antique Oriental rugs and vintage carpets. Customers in the NYC area, or those who are visiting, are also welcome, and even encouraged, to visit our Midtown Manhattan antique rug gallery in person. at our gallery, people can explore the different options and find the perfect carpet for their rug rentals.

Our expert staff will be on hand to assist you in finding the perfect rental rug or carpet for your TV show, movie, red carpet event, photo shoot, show house or any other project you may have.

Rug Rentals

Rug Rentals - Model in Antique Oushak Rug

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