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Free Antique Rug Appraisals Every Thursday

In response to the growing demand for antique rug appraisals, we have decided to offer free verbal antique rug appraisals every Thursday. We invite everyone to bring their rugs to our showroom in Midtown Manhattan to have them appraised free of cost. If you have no idea how much your rug cost, you may be in for a pleasant surprise!

Interested parties are invited to come  into our showroom anytime on Thursdays between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., with the exception of the 12:00-1:00 hour, when the elevator is closed. We are located at 31 East 32nd Street, between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue.


Antique Azerbaijan Silk Embroidery Textile 47367Only people who deal with antique rugs on a daily basis can determine their true current value, especially in an ever changing market, where particular colors, designs, and technical features fuel the demand for certain types of rugs rather than others. In the midst of all this, one needs to seek out a knowledgeable dealer who can accurately appraise your rugs.

One must consider a wide range of factors in order to determine the value of an antique rug. Knowing where a rug or carpet was made, its age, design, coloration, condition, and size are just a few of the many characteristics which aid in establishing price.

The next time you want an assessment of your piece based on the demands of todays market, give us a call 212 545 8029 or simply email us.

Our educated and helpful staff will be happy to assist you. Buying and selling rugs is what we do every single day, and we are pleased to provide you with our knowledge and experience. Our rate for a  written appraisal is $250 for the first rug with discounted rates for additional rugs.Antique Indian Agra Carpet 47369

If you would like more general information about evaluating rugs and the different criteria that we use to determine the price then please feel free to take a look at our antique rug buyer guide: Antique Rug Buyers Guide